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Experience a dramatic improvement in your life by ensuring your body has the nutrients it needs on a daily basis.

Vitamins are a critical part of your body's functioning. Vitamin shots get you these nutrients quickly, easily, and far more effectively than if you wait to increase the amount of vitamins in your body through diet alone. Let us make it simpler for you to ensure you have the nutrients you need to take care of your body. Visit us for vitamin injections chosen to address your specific need.

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Visit us at Sprout's Market

Experience the ease and convenience of getting your vitamin injections without having to make an appointment at our office. Visit us at your local Sprout's Market for vitamin injections to help you achieve optimum health. See the Sprout's Market site or store for more information and to check the schedule.

To check Dr. Wendy Wang's B12 shot schedules at Sprout's Market near you, click here.