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Take control of your health and the quality of your life by finding out more about your body and what you can do to take care of it naturally.

If you are interested in pursuing greater health and well-being through naturopathic approaches, your first step is finding out as much as you can about your body and the influences that are affecting it so you can work with us to make decisions about how to improve. One way to do this is through the services of our alternative lab. Let us evaluate your body and make recommendations for how to move forward in your pursuit of better health.  

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• Flu test

• Allergy test

• Stool sample

• Heavy metals

• Dental material

• Micro nutrient

• Hormone tests

• Hormone therapy

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Get started making decisions about a healthier, stronger future by scheduling a consultation. Bring in your medications, supplements, questions, and concerns and spend some time talking with us about your health and how to better yourself.  

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