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and your well-being without using medication.

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Restore your health with the power of nature!


Experience true relief and healing without the risk of side effects with treatments and therapy that uses no medication, drugs, or invasive techniques.

After graduating from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ, Dr. Wendy Wang earned licensing to work in Arizona and California. She works with Dr. Maria to treat patients using Naturopathic Medicine. This approach to treating diseases offers a balanced means of easing pain, relieving symptoms, and encouraging healing with no risk of side effects or dependence. Dr. Wang is fully trained in Acupuncture, Craniosacral Adjustment, and Homotoxicology.


Fluent in Chinese and English, she gives health seminars and works to help patients find personalized healing for their needs. Her dedication and passion for naturopathic care emerged from her own suffering from health challenges when working as a software engineer in her young adulthood. She found a balance of proper diet and healthy lifestyle helped her to find relief and encourage her to share this experience with others.

Get to know Dr. Wendy Wang

First, do no harm – we do everything we can to minimize harmful effects and keep your healing on track

The healing power of nature – your living system establishes, maintains, and restores your health

Treat the cause – identify the cause of your illness and eliminate it rather than focusing just on suppressing the symptoms

Treat the whole person – consider your genetic, physical, mental, and health factors when diagnosing and treating your care

The physician as teacher – learn about your responsibilities for caring for your health and creating a therapeutic relationship with your doctor

Prevention – work with us to assess your risk factors, susceptibility, and heredity to prevent diseases and illness 

Experience the 6 Principles of Naturopathic Medicine